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About us

The brand HardLand is a tactical clothing brand from US. Indeed, we follow the fashion trends very closely in order to satisfy most of the global customer requests. Also, our quality is very satisfying also our prices are very competitive. In fact, the quality of our tactical products is one of our most concerns.

 Hardland has established itself as a very promising brand in the tactical clothing market, and growing very fast, thanks to the consumer panel that Hardland already has. HardLand has developed a loyal American following among of the most demanding users of apparel thanks to the quality and compelling value of the products.

 We leverage our deep relationships with high-performance or outdoor athletes (explorer, runner, climber ) but also law Enforcement and Special Forces Operators. The results are products that combining ruggedness, speed, range of motion and ultimate comfort in professional duty, tactical training, adventure…Members of our team are operational agents of law enforcement sharing their knowledge and experience in trainings dedicated to staff in active service.Many tests about the products are made according to the security forces’s specific needs in the field.

 Moreover, Hardland is also focus on the R&D of outdoor performance products in order to answer to the functional requirements of clothing under hard working conditions.

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