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From maneuvering your way through fresh powder on the slopes to making your way through icy city streets, staying warm is key when the cold months of winter roll around. Knowing how to choose the right winter jacket is essential to not only surviving but thriving in the snow.

Some might have a selection of jackets they rotate throughout winter, while others might be faithful to one jacket. The needs of those who like to stay active will be different from those who want something to wear around town. Depending on where you find yourself when the snow starts to fall, the requirements of your jacket will differ. Whether it’s for you or your little ones, we’ve got the tips and tricks to finding the right winter jacket to get you through the cold winter months.

What Kind of Winter Jacket Do You Need?
There are three main types of winter jackets, so if you want to figure out how to choose the right winter jacket for your needs, you first have to figure out what types of activities you plan on using the jacket for. Someone looking for a casual jacket to explore the city won’t need the same kind of jacket as someone exploring of the backcountry.

Technical Winter Jackets
Technical jackets are the best choice for those looking for lightweight warmth that allows full range of movement when engaging in outdoor activities. Not only for cold weather but for various activities like skiing, ice climbing and mountaineering.

These jackets will include more technical features like helmet-compatible hoods and pit-zips to increase airflow during high-intensity activities. Generally, technical jackets are more lightweight than casual around-town winter jackets and will be more compressible and packable.

Casual, Around-Town Winter Coats
The Hardland Men's Goose Down Parka are stylish options for harsh winter climates. These and other jackets featuring streamlined designs are part of a selection that offers premium winter warmth in a style made to take on urban environments.

Casual, around-town winter jackets will play around with different styles and silhouettes and will include features aimed at comfort, such as a large hoods with fur trims, and lined handwarmer pockets. If they include any technical features they’ll often mask them with stylish trimmings, since they’re not being used for high-intensity activities.

Men’s Packable Down Jacket

Down is the most lightweight and compressible insulation on the market. While it’s plenty warm, down is not meant for damp conditions. When wet, the feathers will clump and lose a lot of their insulation properties and loft. If you spend your winters in dry, cold climates, a lightweight down jacket will perform at its full potential and keep you protected from the elements.

If you tend to spend more time in damp, cold climates, synthetic insulation is the way to go. Although it’s generally bulkier and heavier than down, synthetic insulation is just as warm, generally has a lower average price and can withstand wet climates.

While each type of insulation has its benefits, at the end of the day, your needs will dictate which one to go with.
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