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What Are Tactical Pants?

What Are Tactical Pants?

Tactical pants may be considered cargo pants, but cargo pants are not necessarily tactical pants. When you take a closer look, it’s clear that tactical pants are tailored for action. They’re meant to help individuals protect and defend, similar to a sidearm or weapon of choice.

With tactical pants, durability is key. That is why they are often reinforced with bar-tacks, gussets, and sometimes even bulletproof material, such as DuPont Teflon. In addition to polyester, polycotton ripstop, and DuPont Teflon, these pants should also contain sturdy belt loops that can support a hefty sidearm.

Tactical pants are basically EDC armor. Thus, they are often worn by law enforcement officers, EMTs, FBI personnel, military operators, and others who are in the line of fire. But they are also utilized by adventurous individuals, such as mountain climbers and outdoorsman who regularly face the elements.


Tactical pants come in many different styles. There are lightweight options, big-and-tall options, and of course different cuts for men and women. The fabric style is one of the biggest differences between the various types , although they usually all use polycotton to varying degrees. You can find covert cargo, covert khaki, jean cut, and traverse options, for both men and women.

Specialty Tactical Pants

We’ve covered the basics, but your options don’t stop there. There are many details that turn off-the-rack pants into the perfect pants for an individual. In fact, the more personalized tactical pants become, the better off the wearer will be when an incident does occur.

Like Batman’s utility belt, tactical pants are built to carry the essentials for protection, survival, and beyond. Prices range from $30 to $300, so it’s vital to find the right style for the wearer in question.

When choosing your pants pants, it’s important to start with a style, such as camouflage. Then, it’s ideal to check price and waist size. Inseam options include short, regular, and long. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, you have the option to include precision knee pads as part of the pants.


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