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HARDLAND Men's Tactical Cargo Shorts

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Material: 40% polyester, 38% polyester blend, 22% cotton


Stretch Fabric Blend: Stretch fabrics are selected for men's tactical shorts. 38% T400 elastic fiber can increase the lateral elasticity of the non-spandex hiking shorts to better fit the body; 40% polyester ensures that men's cargo shorts are not easy to wear; meanwhile, 22% cotton improves breathability, which won't make you feel stuffy in summer.

【Teflon Waterproof】In order to implement the free outdoor concept of HARD LAND men's tactical shorts, we keep choosing Teflon coating to reduce the rain problem for you outdoors and at work . This coating can form a safe protective film on the cargo shorts surface to block water.

Safety Reflective Design: Protect your safety at night, the men's hiking shorts add two small reflective patches on the front and back, which can produce a clear reflection when the light shines, to avoid being noticed by the vehicle in the evening.

MULTI-FUNCTION CARGO SHORTS: The elastic waistband is added to the back of the men's tactical shorts to increase the fit of the waist, Considering that men's hiking shorts are easy to tear from strenuous outdoor exercise, we select YKK metal buttons and zippers and also a YKK crotch make the shorts more durable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent shorts, plus an option for pants

I've gone through a few tactical shorts from Amazon and didn't like any of them for various reasons. I purchased these but didn't have high hopes. They are quite nice, good material and sturdy stitching. The fit is very good as well. I'm a 32, but usually like to get a 33 or 34 because I like pants/shorts a little bit baggy. These seem to run with lots of room in the seat, but the 32 is pretty accurate as I can wear these without a belt. They do have some elastic to them but not much, I'd say maybe 1-2" at most. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 185lbs, average to narrow sized butt but larger quads.

Robin Holmes
These are also pants

Alright so these are convertible pants. The belt loops feel like they are just not enough, but the material is light and breaths well.

az courier
Worth the Money

I like them so much I bought a second pair. I like all the pockets, wide belt loops, legs that detach, and the
roomie fit.

Dr Jim Bordwine
Sizing is spot on so be honest

I'm 6'1, 185lb and the 32 inch waiste fits like a 32. They do have elastic waist but it won't give you an extra inch just allows a little stretch. I didn't realize these were convertible pants. (Bonus) and the 32 inch inseam zip on legs they sent me, fall just on the ankle. Over all I'm happy with this purchase.

mike everson
Love These Shorts!!!

Bought a pair of these shorts for my boyfriend. Being a Big & Tall guy ( 6'2, 3XL), he's not easy to shop for. These shorts actually come with leg attachments which can zip onto the end of the shorts to turn them from cargo shorts into cargo pants! I thought it was a very fun surprise. My boyfriend loves these shorts for the summer. They're breathable and fit properly.

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